Friday, July 7, 2006

Sara's Trip to the Store, and Em's Trip to the Vet

So I had to go out and get Emmy food (She's the only one left on commercial food) so I thought I would bring Sara with me. She is the only foster still easily freaked out. She wasn't bad during the trip. Even got her to purr. At the pet food store, I introduced her to a dog, and two kids. She hissed at the dog, she was fine with the kids. She cuddled with me the whole ride home (I know I know.. she should have been in a carrier!)

I'm trying to decide what type of home she'll be happiest in. Adult only? Or maybe a nice busy household to keep her interacting with other beings so they are no longer scary. Whenever I pick her up, she's fine, she just doesn't like being picked up. Who knows. Just would have to insist she never go out (probably not a good idea for any of them - my feelings on the matter aside) because she's so freaked by stuff she hasn't seen for an hour or two, she'd probably never make it home.

As you may or may not be aware, my Em has had me concerned since Jan. Her weight loss was getting even more pronounced, and I couldn't wait for Dr. B to open anymore, so I made an appointment with Dr. Ken at another vet hospital. He said he didn't feel anything odd in her stomach area, but could feel her thyroid, so he recommend a thyroid test. I was sure it was either a mass in her stomach or her thyroid. Well her thyroid tests just came back and she's fine (possibly a little on the low side). PUCK! She's losing weight, she's constantly hungry, there IS something wrong. Next round of tests includes a test to see where her sugar levels are on a constant basis for the past two weeks (I can't spell the name of the test) and x-rays of her to see if there is anything out of the norm. If her blood sugars are out of control, it would explain the weight loss.. but I monitor them regularly (not excessively though) and I can't fathom those are out of control. So now we are back to a mass of some sort in her.

I can't face that.

I can't face any of this!!

Em is thrilled, cause it means she keeps getting food - her all-time favorite activity. You should see her RUN down the hall when I break out the treats (which she doesn't get that often because they make her sugars run a little high.)

I forgot how hard having a sick cat is on the soul. I don't know how I'm going to handle this.

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  1. *hugs* Connie I am here for you. I pray that everything turns out okay. Kaguya send snose nuzzles to Em and little kitty healing energies as well


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