Monday, November 20, 2006

Mom, are you crazy yet?

I swear.. that Em is going to drive me insane!! Two am she threw up and woke me up. It was the "I'm hungry" vomit (why can't she just lick my face and wake me up like a good kitty??) So I walked her into the bathroom where her food is, to a) remind her where it is and b) to make sure she hadn't let someone else eat it. So her night time snack hadn't opened (timed feeder) so I opened it for her. She took a bite then looked at me. I pointed to the food, she looked at it, looked at me, and pleaded with her eyes...

Mom, I MUST have dry food.. Wet food is yummy, but I NEEEEEEEEEEED dry.. please mommy, please... beg beg beg.

So I pointed to the food again.. no go. So I took her in the other room and tested her BGs. 130! wench. She got the dry food. Seriously.. that cat is going to put me in the NUT HOUSE!! (for those of you who don't know yet - and why not?? - I hate feeding dry food, I equate it to McDonald's food for kitties)

I hate doing it.. but I am actually considering the dry timed feeder for her.. (don't want to mix wet and dry due to possible contamination of the wet with the bad icky dry food and the contaminants it comes in contact with)

and the other thing on the crazy front.. Tweedle. She's such a special child. I have to medicate Em, and have found that sometimes it is easier to give her a treat afterwards instead of making sure she goes and eats. Well, the second I open the treat jar, I have five kitties clamoring for treats. So I toss them down the hall, and in the other room, so I only have to give out one each without seeing the beg for more. Only Tweedle doesn't get it. I throw treats at her, she sniffs and walks away. I try to hand feed her, she runs away. I feel guilty that she doesn't partake, but I really should learn she's not feeling deprived.

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