Thursday, November 30, 2006

is it panic, or is it real?

It is so hard to know when I really should listen to that little voice in my head that says my time with Em is limited.

I got home last night, and Em had vomited something pink. She hadn't eaten her food. She wouldn't eat her new food.. wouldn't eat her treats, wouldn't eat turkey baby food. She pretended to eat dinner, so we injected her, and so by 11 pm her BG was 160s. I was so afraid she'd go lower, and I couldn't get anything else in her. (I COULD have forced her, but she wasn't that low and I didn't want to upset her)

So I locked her in her room (with her food and litter) with a nice kitty bed and a wide selection of food items. I woke up at 3am, and checked on her, and she had eaten a few of the treats, and she was interested in breakfast.

So I'm not running her to the vet..

but the other symptoms she has keep poking at me.. they are nothing specific.. so it is hard to bring her in and sound like a reasonable human being. She fell once, but she was jumping to a precarious place, so that wasn't completely out of the norm.. she stumbled once, but again, it was a place where you could say any cat might.. She's still vomiting liquid too often for my comfort, but it is the same as when we last went to the vets..

I planned to take her in after the holiday.. I don't want to run her in every time "I" have an issue.. it is a vet, not a psychologists office :)

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