Friday, December 29, 2006

Update on Em

Em is still STARVING all the time. Every time I look at her, I see these big huge "I haven't eaten in SOOO LONG" eyes, and it is heartbreaking. I called the vet, and he wanted to see her, so we went in this afternoon.

She's "unremarkable" (his word for in good shape) but definitely down in the weight department. She had gained when she first went on thyroid meds, but has since lost some of it.

He took some blood to double check her thyroid, but suggested we go up to 7.5 mg instead of 5 BID. Good thing she can take cosequin twice a day, cause giving a pill and a half isn't going to be easy. But I can slip them in the capsules and just shove them in.

Her anal glands were full again. It happens from time to time on her. Pretty bad from his description of things.. I wasn't looking too closely.

Teddy and his new sister Gypsy were here over Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Gypsy isn't all that into having a little brother, so I would let him out and let Tweedle play with him. She LOVED it. Kept pouncing on him, following him around, and just generally having fun. Gypsy liked having the "free" time as well. She's a little love bug, and we spent quite a few hours cuddled up watching TV. She's a tabby like Emerald, but with some Torbie in her so she was full of attitude. Did NOT like having her nails trimmed :) I took a few pictures of them, I'll post them when the camera makes it back near the computer.

I agreed to board my husband's Aunt's cat at the end of the Jan into Feb. He's adorable, it should be fun. Hopefully, he can mingle with my own cats nicely but if not, that's ok too.

I should go medicate Em and make sure she's got some food.

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