Monday, December 11, 2006

what to do about Twee

Oh my.. PHEW!! My poor Tweedle has ALWAYS had a stuffy nose. Lately, it seems to be getting worse, and her sneezing fits are harder and harder on her. After one, there is a foul oder.. so I started her two days ago on Baytril, hoping to clear it up. She had sneezed out a wad of snot, that oddly did not stink.

Just now she had a huge sneezing fit than ran. She left behind a strong stench. It was like a really gross passing of gas.. but it was the same smell I have smelled from her nose..

I've mentioned to the Vet before about her sniffling and sneezing, and he's mentioned antibiotics.. They never seem to help in the past, so this time, I went right for the strong stuff. If this doesn't help.. I don't know what to do.

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