Tuesday, February 27, 2007

but moooommmmmm...

For regular readers of this blog, you know my cats are spoilt rotten. Today provides no exception to that rule.

A few days ago, I went to the grocery store, and bought some kumquats.. nope.. no need to say "bless you" most people don't know what kumquats are. (if you do, forgive me) they are small little citrus fruits that you eat whole. They are VERY tart. I like them sliced up in my salads. since they are so tart, I only have a few at a time, so I bought a handful, and then put them in a small bowl.

On the counter.

Well my kitties aren't supposed to get on the counter. That really is the only limit I have placed on them... well that the kitchen table and they have to pee IN the litterbox, but for the most part they choose to do that. But the counter is a hard one cause it is right where we are most of the time, and it has such yummy things to sniff at and play with on it. Including the kumquats in a bowl.

this morning my husband found one in our office. We keep the door to that room shut for now as I am storing a few things in there I don't want covered in cat hair. A few minutes later I saw one in the room next to that where the bunny's cage is.

I often project what my cats might say if I was able to ask them to explain what happened..

but moooommm.. we were playing with the kumquats (ok so they wouldn't say kumquats, they'd say small orange things) and we thought the bunny might want to play with one, so we knocked it down the hall, but it rolled under the door, so we just HAD to bring her another one..

on another note, I think I'm in total denial about Em. she so needs to go to the vet, but the reasons behind it are so unspecific, that I can't imagine the vet finding anything. Can you imagine the visit? "but Doc.. it is just a FEELING.. can't you feel it?"

I should probably break down and call an animal communicator. I've heard some amazing stories about some..

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