Monday, February 5, 2007

mom.. whatcha doin.. mom.. whatcha doin.. mom...

Oh my goodness, my Jack is so inquisitive. It's cute and sweet and most days I LOVE it.. but there are times when he gets on my last nerve, like when I am dishing up or assembling Emerald's medication.

Em is on 1 1/2 pills for her thyroid. I stick them inside her cosequin. usually once a week I put them together. Jack thinks I am doing something insanely delicious and usually he dances and cries to get at what I am doing. Even when I pill him (with something harmless) he isn't bothered and continues to do the dance.

Last night I decided to make up as many as I could. I took all the cosequin I had, and all the methimazole, and made up a months worth of pills. I couldn't keep him away. Maybe the cosequin smells really good and he wants some? who knows.

I also went online, and found that my vet is being very good to me on the thyroid meds, but he charges $10 more for the cosequin than I can get online.. while stumbling around for new dental items for my kitties I ran across a site that had some good deals on cat treats, so they got some of those (along with some more toothpaste and brushes) and I broke down and bought some PawBreakers for them. I hope they like them!! I have only heard good things, so I would imagine they will be big hits.. if with no one else than Eli, who is a Nip-a-Holic! :)

My kitty's ears are all starting to be bad. Eli even had what I might call puss in one. *sigh* he's always had bad ears cause of his eyes, and the gunk built up and caused problems. I'll have to keep a closer eye on it, but he so hates when I do anything to him. Hopefully, the PawBreaker will be a good peace offering :)

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