Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well that Saturday I went in for adoptions. Tommy was the first to go. Went to a woman who just lost a cat who looked like him. Buddy went to a family who has a rottie, and who is planning on letting him outside. I felt bad - but if anyone is going to be ok outside, it would probably be buddy.. besides, he'll have the rottie to protect him.

A woman came in and spent several hours trying to decide.. she eventually settled on a kitten that wasn't from my bunch.

a family came in after returning a cat.. they were going to take Nina (or was it Cin?) but the shelter had a policy not to adopt immediately after a return.

And that was Sat. Sunday I went in with the new fosters, and had them tested (they were negative) and saw Cin and Gin go home together :) That left Oscar and Nina. Tilly was at the house because she wasn't big enough.

Friday I went in and noticed that Nina was still there.. so Oscar had gone home. Miss Molly and Miss Martha were still there. :( I hope they get a special home. I am thinking of writing up a little bio for them..

I emailed the family about Nina, and they said they were going to go in and get her Sat AM.

Tilly is still at the house, cause frankly she's still underweight.. barely. However I think we've decided we are going to keep her. I mean I already ordered her a collar.. She loves DH most of all.. but she's up for any attention she can get :) I so want a different name for her though.. I was never a fan of Tilly..

Now I named the 8/07 fosters. The gray one is Obby and the buff one is Nox. Shortened versions of obnoxious.. which they are. I named the orange twins Fred and George.. which left the tortie girl so I named her Ginny. I kept them caged up when we weren't in the room, and they were so obnoxious and so full of energy, that I started letting them out twice a day. They are starting to turn into good kittens, so I let them have run of the room all day today.

Obby and Nox are growing VERY fast, and will be going back next week.. They are very well spoken, and will yell at you if they aren't preoccupied doing something else..

I'm worried about one of the orange twins. I can't tell them apart except that one has an excessive amount of eye goop - which is the one I'm concerned about. he's a little more laid back, and a little more conservitive.. he might even been a smidge dehydrated *shrug* I'm not sure. I am going to wait a few more days and see what happens.. hopefully nothing and he'll be fine.

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