Monday, August 27, 2007

coming to an end

Well I have set up an appointment for the May fosters.. they will be going up for adoption this weekend..

which stinks on a couple of different levels since there is a cat show that I would like to go to, and a gathering of people I know on the internet which I think would be good for me to go to..

the woman that emailed me about Miss Molly and Miss Martha emailed me and apologied for not showing up that weekend, and asked if she could come this weekend.. well she never emailed or called me with more info, and it never happened. I feel bad that they will be sent into the system, but I know the shelter will respect the fact that they should be together..

I'm still horribly torn about adopting Tilly. I talked with the animal communicator yesterday - which was very funny and very painful - and while muffin is very "anti-kitten" (which just knowing her for 10 minutes you'd know) and Ollie is against it too, the others were sorta ok with it. Although I know they'd like Buddy - who is quite handsome - but a total handful and looks too much like Emerald - who escapes every time I open the door, and my cats like to chase him around the basement.

The new fosters still don't have names. I'm waiting till they are tested I guess.. make sure they aren't going to be taken away from me.. They are totally the "spawn of evil" as my DH likes to call them. They look up at you with their pathetic eyes, and purr and want to be patted, but then they jump on you and try to take you down. Already they want OUT of the bathroom. This morning four of the five were curled up on my previously used hair towel (one of those specifically designed for you to turban around your wet hair) The cuteness is overwhelming.. and their bellies are still way bigger than their head. I wish they would grab on to the fact that dry food is food, so they would know there is always food available so they wouldn't feel the need to eat EVERYTHING I put down.

anyway.. I am happy only having five cats - sorta - but I do know I have this opening that could be filled.. and I have this adorable kitten that is so cute.. we've nicknamed her the hypno-toad kitten (from the tv show futurama who had a hypno-toad in it that made anyone near it do what ever it wanted)

there will be other adorable kittens.. obviously they are upstairs in my bathroom... there will be other kittens that will need me.. I dont need to rush into this..

I guess like the bane of my existance "emotional eating" I want to do "emotional adopting" it feels so right to do it, but some part of me somewhere is saying no.. (actually I think it is Muffin projecting her "NOOOOOO" onto me.. but that's a different post)

I'll post more about my A/C session once I can do it with out crying..

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