Saturday, March 28, 2009

we have packs now

well something intersting has happened now that Fleurp has fully moved in. The crew has now broken into two packs. We have the babies: Kit, Twee and Fleurp. And we have the older crew: Ollie, Jack, Muffin and Eli.

This morning was interesting. we fed the crew early last night (5ish) and went out to the movies. They ate, but they left a few bits on the plate - which is so not like our kitties. This morning I guess they figured their entire feeding schedual had changed because around 5 am they decided to start waking us up.

Us? no. let me rephrase. ME. they decided to wake ME up.

why? I HAVE NO IDEA! I don't feed them.. maybe I'm easier to wake up.. which I do believe. My DH sleeps among the dead.

So this morning I was a play ground, then I was a jungle gym. I ignored it the best I could and got comfortable. I woke up again to a cold nose in my face
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Ok, so I don't scream. I'm used to it by now, but even still this morning was intereting. When I woke up, I realized Muffin was on my side (I was sleeping on my side) and I knew there was a kitty in front of me. Ollie usually sleeps between DH and I, so I thought it was him. I reached out to pat him (eyes barely open and no glasses and it was still the middle of the freakin night so identification wasn't a top priority) as I patted, I realized it wasn't Ollie, because he made a little noise. I opened my eyes more, and realized in the space of my head were three cats. Muffin on my side, Ollie and Jack were all trying to stick their nose on my face. I turned to get my glasses, and ran into Eli laying on the other side patiently waiting. So seriously, in the space of two pillows laying side by side was me and four adult cats. how come they can do this with out arguing, but they can't walk into a bathroom with out squabbling?

I made my DH get up half an hour early and feed them, mostly because I do enjoy breathing. As he was ambling toward the kitchen the kittens showed up and started wrestling on the bed. Fleurp is starting to over power Kit. Fleurp now tackles Kit and pushes her over completely. Kit is not amused. Fleurp and Twee are now playing nicely together, which is so nice. I was so worried about Twee after we lost Em. She just couldn't find a kitty to take her place. She definately seems happier now.

Fleurp is also starting to turn into a preteen. She is filling out and fluffing up. Her tail is very raccoon like. I wish I could capture a photo of her walking because she really is quite beautiful.

I love my cats.. I just don't particularlly appreciate all of them close up at once :)

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