Monday, March 2, 2009

Happiness and Joy found a home

I went to the shelter on Friday, then again on Saturday. Sunday I was out celebrating DH's birthday, and someone came and adopted H&J. Shelter manager who was there called said they were a nice family with older children who were going to keep them indoors... it is very much a good thing.

Then why am I so sad about it??

I guess because I couldn't explain their quirks, and talk to the people directly to try to smooth the transition into the new home.. I'm overly worring, I know. Nice they had a snow day today to spend more time with them, that's for sure.

I shouldn't be so concerned (try and stop me) because on Saturday they showed some really interesting behavior. I knew they liked other cats, because they were always interested in mine as I walked through the house cuddling them trying to get them used to new things. Turns out they like dogs too. There was a high strung boxer mix being adopted Saturday, and Happiness came right out of the cubby to look at him.

There were several times they came out of their cubby to look around, so I know they are adapting. They will be fine.. even if their new owners don't take my suggestions for transition seriously (I wrote up a brocure for their adoption with suggestions on how to make things easier on them)

I guess I just really hate being denied that opportunity to talk to them. Time will quell my heart, I'm sure. Although I still think about the two little black feral kittens I had two years ago - but then again I met their family and was not at all pleased with them. And I still pray I was wrong about them all the time.

another side to my sadness is probably that I'm kitten free. I do have Boots here (cat sitting for my Dh's aunt) but he's pretty easy and very little work, and not at all kitten like.

Happiness and Joy, I so hope you are adapting well, and you enjoy your new family.

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