Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ollie day one

So shortly after the last post I went to go check on him and offer him some food.  He liked the food, but was still quite wobbly, so I left him in the room for another hour.  bad move as he didn't have a litter box.  Oh well.

When I let him out, he still wanted to be left alone, but wasn't as foul as previously.  I knew he would still need a litter box (he didn't pee) and I did not want him walking down the stairs, so I carried him down stairs, which ticked him off.  I swear I could hear him ask me why I did that.  He eventually wandered off, and I lost track of him, but I found him again 10 minutes or so later under the pool table - which is exactly where he hid last time he had surgery.

He got up the stairs on his own, and he also got up on to the bed last night just fine.  Although he was mad at me for insisting that I look at his incision this morning.  It looks fine.  I couldn't help but kiss his little bare knee. I love shaved kitty bodies..

So, on top of a grumpy Ollie, I also had another problem on my hand.  Someone projectile vomited all over the basement during the day.  No one was showing overt signs of issues, but when I gave treats later on, Kit didn't show up, and when I went to spend some time near her (I was working out near where she was sleeping) she ended up getting up and vomiting twice.  She did NOT wanting me looking at her, and I didn't want to stress her out more by forcing it.  I had DH look at her later on, and while quiet and not interested in food, there didn't appear to be anything else wrong with her.  No signs of abdominal pain, didn't have a fever, etc.  This morning she was brighter and more interested in attention.  I'm not 100% sure she ate, but at that I'm still not concerned.  I will be tonight if she isn't eating.

First is still limping, so I'm apparently now a kitty nurse.  I'm also seriously considering asking the shelter to take back Lulu and her kittens.  I don't feel I'm doing them any good, as I'm not able to spend a lot of time with them, and they are not interested in spending any time with me anyway.  But a) I would feel like a failure b) I so want to see them grow and see this through c) I think that the foster homes are all full, and there is no one to take them.

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