Monday, October 5, 2009

well he might have had a huge mad

but it definately helped him.  half an hour after I was in there DH said he was no longer on his bed, and was sitting on his computer chair.  He finished up all his left over breakfast, so we offered him some other yummies.  This morning he left the office and took a walk through the house, checked out the bathroom where we feed but did not eat any of the remaining breakfast.  He wandered around the kitchen/living room for a while, then walked back down the hall and went right back into the office when I opened the door for him.

He didn't eat the canned food I first gave him, but it was a pretty low quality food so I removed it and gave it to the "clean up crew" and even they didn't lick up every last little bit (but most bits -  I mean I don't call them the clean up crew for nothing) I gave him some Wellness, and he seemed more interested in that although I did not have time to check back to see if he ate it all.  He also didn't eat the hunk of beef we gave him, so I gave that to the clean up crew and Fleurp grabbed that and ran off with it.

We ended up putting Skippy down in the kitten room.  Not sure I like the idea, because I'm sure DH is going to let him wander around the house more.  But he does have more room and more activities down there then he does in the bathroom.  He sneezed a couple of times yesterday, producing what looked to be snot, but afterward he was not congested.. *shrug*

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