Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and apparently I forgot to mention

So I did mention that Ollie was having some issues not eating and being miserable.  Well he felt ok for a few days after that, but then he decided to stop eating on the 23rd again.  I decided to not worry about it as it was probably the same thing as before and was going to wait and see.

Later Muffin stopped eating.  She wasn't quite hiding, but she was sitting in areas out of her normal places, and seeming not quite right.  When I went to see her she was happy to see me and interactive, but it was just strange.  Christmas eve I realized that she had had a horrible case of diarrhea that had covered her rear end, and created a huge mass of fur and foul stench over her anus.  It was the most incredibly foul thing I had EVER smelt.  She was ok with my snipping off the fur that was covered, but when it came down to wiping her clean she was upset.  I let her go, and she was able to clean the rest off herself.

The next morning we saw scoot marks on our hardwood floors.  I did a butt search, and found that Jack had issues.  He was still eating, but he also had horrible diarrhea that was all over his tushie.  Jack has always been quite proud of his tushie, and normally doesn't mind if I'm back there, but this time he was quite defensive.

So we switched the crew onto canned food for a couple of days, then they went back on their raw, and so far no other problems.  No idea what the problem was.  Although I think it was the food.  We had finished one package of raw when we started the canned.

To further the idea that there might have been something wrong with the food is that Doug the diabetic foster, was also put on canned food, and his BG numbers stabilized.

shortly there after I saw Eli jump into the bath tub.  Since Eli had problems with crystals in his urine, I gave him Jack's litter box with the special "is his urine alkaline" litter, and the crystals turned bright pink.  He hasn't had problems since being taken off dry food all those years ago.

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