Saturday, December 19, 2009

the cutest thing

I am sick today.  The kind of sick where just going to the kitchen to get a drink wears you right out.  Heck standing up is quite a feat for me today.  I've been dealing with sinus issues and it moved into my lungs so I'm congested and coughing up quite a bit of mucus.  Breathing is a bit of a struggle.  It is not much fun.

So to make my day a little brighter, my little Fleurp has been hanging out with me.  All except for about two or three hours (during which I ended up taking a nap) she has either been on my chest letting me pat her, or licking my nose, or being close by on the bed.  At one point she got up from her end of the bed, walked up to my chest.  Laid down as if to give me a hug, then got up and went back to her end of the bed. My heart just melted.  I've gotten up a few times to get some more fluids, and each time she walks with me into the kitchen.  Often in front of me going very slowly as if to remind me to take it easy.  she then sat up on her perch and watched me, and followed me back to the bedroom.

The other cats have come and gone.  The come for a little attention and lovin, but what Fleurp did was special and quite unique.

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