Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cat in a Hot Wood Sauna - the movie

Well I can embed the video, but it is so much larger then the blog that it is silly looking.

So the short version is here

the longer 5 minute version with Ollie putting his head against the heaters and actually kneeding is here

On a side note, I felt the need to groom Ollie over the weekend and never got to it.  He is long haired, and if I do not keep on top of it, he ends up vomiting rather frequently.  Well I hadn't in a while and he was, and so this morning I had a few minutes so I sat him down and apologized before hand and combed the fur on his top and back, and then took him into the bathroom and trimmed up his belly fur.  It is three or more inches long, and combing it is never much fun.  When I have a lot of time, I use scissors and stay an inch or so away from his body and just go very slowly, but this time I pulled out the trimmers I have.  They work even more slowly then trimming, but I don't have to be as careful because they can't cut him so I can work quicker.  Goodness was he ticked off.  I kept trying to explain to him he would appreciate not having all that fur but he didn't care.  I told him I loved him frequently, didn't care about that either.  Just kept swearing at me.   Finally when I was done I offered him a yummy treat, but he was too ticked to eat it.  So I threw down a handful of dry food (cat cookies at my house) and while he partook of that, he had one eye out for my shenanigans - fearing I would be trying to grab him and do evil things to him again.  Yup, more guilt.  But I knew it would make him feel better in the long run and there was no way around ticking him off to get it done, so I just sucked it up and took his wrath.  I'm sure he'll forgive me in time to sauna tomorrow :)

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