Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad Ollie update

But I'll try to temper it with a cute story about him, and then immediately post a kitten update..

Took him to the Oncologist this morning. Of course he was totally not amused by it but at least he didn't howl on the way up.  He let the doctor examine him, but when the surgeon came in he was a little more outward about his displeasure about being all felt up.  His tumor is right up next to his spine, so taking it off with "clean margins" would involve taking part of his pelvic bone.. which I just can't fathom putting him through.

They also talked about how if it came back after the first removal, it was pretty much an aggressive growth and it would most likely continue to recur no matter what we did.  Looks like what I *should* have done was the biopsy at the first surgery and gone for chemo after that.  Would that have killed this and given him a longer life?  Who knows.  Maybe those first time surgery removal/chemo patients were the ones who's growths wouldn't have come back even if they hadn't had chemo.. (yes I'm justifying to make myself feel a little better)

She did make it a point to tell me that vaccines are still very important and the incidence of VAS is greatly outnumbered by the incidents of disease prevented by vaccines.  I found it very interesting that she made it a point to say that.  She said a lot of people get "gun shy" over vaccines after VAS, which I totally get.

I am not anti-vaccine by any stretch of the imagination.  I believe in the good they can do, and think every cat should be vaccinated.  My quandary is how OFTEN do they need to be vaccinated.  When humans get rabies vaccines they are good for what, 10 years?  so how do they know the vaccine isn't longer lasting?  the FVRCP vaccine was recommended every year, and now every three.

Well anyway... I don't believe in dwelling, but I do believe in sharing experiences... so this is a this is what is happening (or has happened) post for prosperity.  If you come across this because your cat has or may have a vaccine associated sarcoma, I am sorry.  I hope you get a better prognosis then Ollie.

as for my cute story.. I went downstairs to spend time with Lilly.  I went into the sauna to get the book I am reading and when Ollie heard the sauna door open he came running meowing out as if to say "WAIT FOR ME!! I want to sauna too!!" so instead of playing with kittens, we sauna-ed.  Stayed in there for almost 30 minutes which was quite a long time for him.

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