Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitten update and "I'm a winner"

So the five of them are so active and LOUD.. you would be shocked to realize we have a serious issue going on.  Two of the fab four started to lose weight.  The girl and the white faced boy were down almost an ounce in a day.  They also produce stool so odorous that it could probably be used to strip paint off walls.  

I was concerned enough to take a temperature and fortunately there wasn't a fever, if anything it was a little low.  I tried force feeding them baby food.  Their brothers loved it, these two however were very much not interested.
Girl is screaming at you to do...
and do it NOW.. 
They are talkers, that is for certain.  You walk in they yell at you, you pick them up they yell at you, you feed them, they yell at you, you pat them they yell at you.  They tell you they are going to the litter box in a VERY LOUD VOICE.. (get the picture)   The four of them are very very people orientated and can almost always be found in a lap the minute one produces itself.
Little Miss Independant
Little Miss Independent is perfectly content to be on her own.  She's fine not getting patted, not being held, in fact she is perfectly happy having the fab four there because it means less attention on her.  Every time I pick her up and give her attention she looks totally freaked out and gives me airplane ears..   I'm hoping she gives up on that quickly.

Anyway, I took those two into the shelter with a stool sample.  Nothing was detected, so I was sent home with instructions to deworm again on the off chance they were so infested the first dose didn't take care of it all, and we gave them both some fluids.  When they got home they had a few bites of food, which was wonderfully encouraging, but not nearly enough to sustain.  Kittens have that horrible window where they should nurse AND eat, because neither one alone gives them enough calories to sustain them, and when you throw in just one other little thing, it can so easily tip the scales in the wrong direction.

I also got a package this weekend.  Cats & Co had a surprise giveaway, meaning they offered up "something" for us to win, with out telling us what it was.  It was so fun to win and wait to find out what it was.. well here it is..
The catnip is very strong, and smells great!   I was also excited to see the straw thing (at the bottom - it is purple) because Love-and-Hisses recently talked about what fun they were and I wanted to get some to try because every time I go down to the kitten room with a drink with a straw I end up losing the straw to the kittens :)   So far these kittens are more interested in ping pong balls, but I'm sure it will be chewed to pieces before summer.
This was hiding in the pict above.
I have yet to figure out where I'm going to put it, but I do love it.

Would you stop blogging and give me a lap already lady!!


  1. Those are great stuff! I've read so much on the Kitty Boinks (the straw like thing) and am so tempted to get some for the bunch.
    I hope things look better for the 2 babies after the next deworming. :)

  2. Kitten yelling times 4? I thought it was loud around here with just Chanel. My goodness does that girl have a set of lungs on her in a way I've never heard with my other babies. Of course, they had mamas or brothers and sisters and weren't dependent upon just me for attention.

    Hope your two are on the upswing very soon.

  3. I sure hope those two are okay, they are just so very cute!

  4. These little babies are so precious and cute! Great win!

  5. We hope those two can start gaining weight soon. And what great timing for a prize to arrive! The kittens can test everything out. :-)

  6. we love us some boinks!! hope the kittens get it together quick - you are right...there is that window and hopefully they will be ok soon!!

  7. At least these kittens are in great hands - paws crossed that they get through this hump all right!

  8. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Great prize!

  9. hope everything works out for the to babies and congrats on the goodies

  10. I guess if they are screaming they are fighting! Well done on getting the goodies :)

  11. Allie: are you sure they're not related to Faraday? That brat has soe LUNGS on him...!

    Maxwell: Cool stash of loot! Concats!

  12. We hope the little ones start eating soon.

  13. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Good to know you recieved it! :D


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