Friday, January 11, 2013

With thoughts of Jack and the Crystals

So I have been obsessing over what on earth could have caused Jack's problems.. Then I saw this..
No, I haven't been giving Jack dog treats, but I did get a couple of bags of Catswell treats.. the salmon and the chicken, and he got a few of each over the weekend..

It still doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense, as I didn't give out that many and he didn't eat all that I gave out (but a lot, a good portion of The Crew was totally not interested in them) I got them for free from PetSmart (they had a FB promo) and while I wasn't overly thrilled with the ingredients, I figured as treats what harm could they do..

I'm not saying this was the cause.. but it is seriously making me think - and I doubt I'll be giving any more of them to my kitties.. I don't want to risk it.  Now the question is do I bring them back to the store??

the products in question are being recalled because of the quality of the meat involved.  it comes from China where they use antibiotics and other ingredients that make the chicken unacceptable to be sold to the humans of the US.  Petfoods have no such restrictions.  I can not imagine the quality of the chicken caused Jack to develop urinary crystals, but I can not imagine anything else he ate did either.  I haven't pinned anything on this, it is just the one thing that has changed in my house in the past two weeks, but I will keep thinking about it.. 


  1. Bad news these,you should make your own

  2. Oh my gosh, I once considered getting their dental treat but didn't because the color of meat in one bag was very different from the other. It looked strange. I don't know if it is the cause of Jack but could contributed to it?

  3. Oh my gosh. YES, take those suckers back to the store. I would also email the company. I'd seen that FB freebie but hadn't jumped on it. . .maybe that's not a bad thing.

  4. I would think you should return the treats. Not to get anything from it but more as a sign of protest. Perhaps it's time to get a dehydrator and make your own treats! :)

  5. You can never be too careful.
    Purrs for Jack

  6. Urinary crystals usually develop over time from make cats eating fish. I don't think they'd come from tainted treats. Take them back though to make yourself feel better.

    1. actually the crystal/fish connection has more to do with restricting magnesium, which I mentioned I don't think is the best idea.

      but then again my cats aren't 'fed' fish. they occasionally get a fishy treat.. but on the whole I tend to not feed fish - for reasons other than the fish/crystal connection that is out there.

  7. Hope Jack is feeling better.


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