Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I want to attend BarkWorld

I know what you are thinking, but Connie, you are so totally NOT a dog person, why on earth do you want to attend something called "Barkworld"

I have to tell you my first instinct is I so don't..   I am not bipetual - not that there is anything wrong with that - but it isn't for me.. but when I heard a number of the kitty bloggers were going I had a closer look at it.  When I looked at the schedule, and saw that a number of the sessions were geared towards cats I thought how interesting and when I saw the "MeowWorld Breakfast" I was really interested.

Besides, it is also a great opportunity to hang out with other pet bloggers.  Seriously, there is something special about doing that, and I really recommend doing so if you ever thought 'that might be fun'..

Other reasons to attend... taken right from their page.

By attending The Pet Social Media Conference, BarkWorld, you’ll gain insider knowledge on:
•Entrepreneurship for pet professionals
•Home & healthy lifestyle tips for pet parents
•Pet-related mobile apps & gaming
•Non-profit and charity fundraising
•Emerging social media trends, technologies and tools
•How to make the most of a blogger-to-brand relationship
•How to produce your best podcasts and Internet radio shows
•Social media & marketing best practices for businesses
•Programming for our advance users
•Content creation & time management
•and, you’ll get to network with over 300 like-minded social networkers and brands

I mean seriously, doesn't that sound like fun?

I'm blogging about it because right now they are running a contest.  Pruven from 3M and BarkWorld are giving away a trip to BarkWorld.  I can't tell you how much I would love to win!!  If you are reading this, could you comment about how much you'd like me to win too?  ;)


  1. Good luck Connie,we want you to win to!

  2. My human wishes she could go to that! But she is really stretched thin this year with conferences and she is already going to the Cat Writers Conference. Paws crossed that you get to go - I think Barkworld needs more cat humans!

  3. We hope you get to go! The head peep had looked at it, but wasn't sure how many cat bloggers would actually attend. They don't exactly have a cat-welcoming name!

  4. I went last year and had a great time. Fingers and paws crossed for you!

  5. good luck.....sounds like it might be fun!

  6. I would never have guessed it'd be cat-friendly. I hope you get to go!!

  7. You totally need to go!

  8. Okay Connie, I only just "met" you, but I so want you to win! This sounds like so much fun.......shall I hike down and we can go together? *L*

  9. It does sound like fun and yes, we want you to win too!

  10. That might be fun for beans. Not so much for us kitties. Sending some meows to send Connie to BarkWorld. (still feels wierd to say that)

  11. I, Ms. Phoebe, Queen of the world and royal tortie ladycat, wish my Auntie Connie could go to BarkWorld as she does so much to help baby kits prepare for their future forever homes. Sometimes it is a situation where she is literally having to save a life, where some kits in a litter were sick. This is a very stressful and time consuming task that shows true dedication and compassion- a true sign of an animal lover. Mewmew!

    1. Why Ms. Phoebe! that is so generous of you :) Thank you so much

  12. I hope you get to attend Connie and represent cats! I hope to go next year...the tripod, FIV+, bum ticker love bug of a foster is going to keep me busy this summer. Good luck! They should send an awesome foster mom!

  13. Good luck, Connie. I hope you get to go!!! :)


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