Thursday, November 21, 2013

Meet the New Kittens on the Block

So I've been anxious to get more kittens knowing that I will be sending Issac Arnold and Smedley to a new home, and nothing says "it is time for kittens to go" more than having too many kittens in the house.. :)

And I got some cuties!  They are totally of size, but they are all fur and bone (no meat) and they are quite skittish.  A few weeks at Casa de Gato and I'm sure we'll have them ready for their furever homes right quick.

I know I have two boys and two girls, but I haven't memorized who is who yet except for one.. the little long haired black kitty reminds me so much of a stray I took in years ago named Melody (who ended up dying of FeLV) that I had to take them.  I also had to take them because of this..

Seriously, how can you not love this face!! I have yet to foster a odd eyed cat, and now I have..

The Melody look a like (sorta)

The short haired kitten (I believe it is a boy) but yet I think this kitten has more fur than all the others  It is so dense and lush.. I don't think I've ever felt a kitten with more fur on it's body.

Seriously, have you ever seen anything this fluffy that wasn't on a store shelf??

The first and the last one are virtual rag dolls, and I wouldn't be shocked if someone did DNA testing on them and Ragdoll in them. They scruff incredibly easily and do not come out of it all that quickly. Some of that may have to do with how freaked they are, but I don't believe all of it.  See they spent some time wandering around in a bramble bush (or four) and as a result..

They came with matted fur and a slew of those annoying bramble suckerstickythingies that make life miserable for long haired cats. The black and white little puff ball had to have his rear end shaved down because apparently he was so bad. Unfortunately whomever did it nicked him and he's got a little wound in his neither region, but it is healing up nicely and he should be fine.. (pronoun used from memory, I could be wrong), but it meant I had to spend an hour or so combing them, pulling them (and one big huge fat tick) off them and they let me with nary a complaint.

They did all hid from me initially, but I've been in and out of the room several times and they remain sitting out for me to see them. They purr when I sit there and talk to them, and I even got them relaxed enough to play

So I gave them a few toys which they really enjoyed but they still won't walk up to me.  I am not liking them in the cage in my office and much prefer to put them in the bathroom, but I don't like the idea of displacing Fleurp from her bathtub if it brings her comfort.  I tried putting something soft for her to lay on in there.. closer to the spigot side of the tub and she started shunning the tub and sitting in other weird spots, so I removed it and she went back to it.  *shrug* We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I am thinking of calling the two girls Melody and Harmony.. but then to come up with two musical names for the boys.. maybe I should name them Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid.  *grin*


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    You totally should name them ABBA. Totally.

  2. Oh, I like the ABBA reference. I can't believe how puffy they are--and way cool that one is odd eyed. I know they will come around quickly.

  3. well thay have mastered the stink eye. :) they are very adorable - love the ABBA idea. we bet they come around in no time (and now that I think about it - I don't think I have had an odd eyed kitten before either)

  4. My first cat ever was an odd-eyed cat... a white fluffy cat named Fluffernutter! The new babies are so sweet looking!

  5. LOL @ the stink eye comment -- they certainly have. They're all adorable, though, and of course will come around quickly under your wonderful care!

  6. What adorable kittens! The longhaired ones remind my human of the cat before me - she was a calico, but fluffy like that. She didn't get to be all that big, only 7 lbs., so she is not sure if she had any ragdoll blood or not.

  7. Oh wow. Are they ever cute!

  8. OMC ... that fourth picture knocked MomKatt OUT! She wants her but we can't have her - or him? MOL!

    They are all REALLY cute!


  9. They are beautiful.
    Sue B

  10. Such cute little kitties!

  11. Oh they are just precious and floofilicious! Maybe they do have ragdoll or maine coon in them. We adore #1!

  12. Love the new cutie pies! Looking forward to getting to know them!


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