Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Post where The Crew is fed Stella & Chewy

So I ran out of thawed out raw food the other day.  One major down side to raw feeding is feeding on short notice.  I can (and have) bought chicken or steak for them to eat for a meal.  It isn't balanced but an occasional meal isn't going to do them harm.

But while I was out picking up raw, I saw a few packages of Stella & Chewy's freeze dried food. I like to try new foods for The Crew to help balance out their over all nutritional profile.  I have tried dehydrated food before from Honest Kitchen and it got a unanimous paws down from every one who tried it.  Since I am always looking for options to keep at the house I thought I would give it a shot.  Individual servings were $1.89.  A larger bag brought the per serving price down a bit but not dramatically.

fresh out of the package
Water added.. 
Stir up and wait 60 seconds
About to be fed
The chicken had a different consistency from the turkey
Fleurp is not waiting
nom nom nom nom
So we got fourteen paws up on this one.  Might have been because I was more than a little late for dinner, but plates were licked clean.  I ended up mixing up the second two packages and they ate all of that too.

Kind of expensive at $2 a meal.. if I had one or two or even three cats I might keep these on hand for treats or emergency.. but at $28 a day... this just isn't going to work for us.. Sorry guys..

(for what it is worth, I didn't get the product for free, no one asked me to do this, this one was all on my own.. )


  1. huh - something to think about keeping on hand....the freeze dried stuff I tried once was in HUGE nuggets and took forever to rehydrate

  2. I LOVE Stella & Chewy! Since it is pricey and it requires a special trip downtown to buy - and I am known to be picky - I only get it served as a treat, usually just dry, but I have never turned it down.

  3. Ernie loves Stella & Chewy. I mix it in with his wet grain free food and a little water. Sometimes I just crumble it on top of his food. He's to the point now where he won't eat his food unless it's got some S&C in it. I buy the big bag of it...and order on line...so it's probably a little cheaper than the small packs you bought.

    Unfortunately, when I fed S&C to Wally and Zoey, they threw it up soon after eating it and it made such a mess, I don't want to try that again with them.

    Island Cats mom.


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