Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Toys from The Natural Pet Company - Sponsored

So last week we reviewed the catnip from The Natural Pet Company, this week we want to share with you our experiences with the Variety Toy Pack

Variety Toy Pack on the left
A few pictures of my husband playing with the Plush Interactive Feather Wand..

And here is a photo of the wicker balls before..

and after..

The mouse rattle chew

Sadly my experience with this product was less than ideal.  I let the company know of my issues and their reply was that they had a lot of great feedback from the product, and they thanked me for my email.  In general their customer service is really great.  I received several emails after purchasing the product trying to make sure I was happy with them (as you can see I only got two wicker balls where the pack normally comes with three. If I wasn't already concerned with the ribbons I would have taken them up on their email letting me know that occasionally all three do not make it and if they didn't to let them know and they would fix it.)

Why did this pack not work for me?

The Wand Toy toy was a little too heavy to be a 'jump up and catch' type of toy, it seems far better suited to be dragged along the ground (and The Crew LOVED it when I did that) however the stick and string was far too short to make that an easy thing to do.  Both my husband and I found ourselves hunched over attempting to scoot the toy along the ground.  Eventually my husband gave up and sat down and dragged it along the scratcher we had, and that kept them interested for a little while, but a ground running toy that doesn't really go anywhere.. well they lose interest fairly quickly.

The balls.  As you can see we have a ribbon chewer in our house. I didn't give the balls to The Crew, but they were found and run off with. I found that one in the basement.  Ribbons are a pretty well known hazard for kitties, and I found it an interesting that they chose to attach them to the balls.  They are sewn on very well so they won't come off the toy, but nothing prevents the chewers from chewing on them. These ribbons will be removed and I'll probably be giving these to the fosters.

The mouse.  The mouse is freakingly adorable. Unfortunately it is way too heavy to be a batting around toy. I threw it across the room to try to garner interest in it, and it had a resounding thunk when it hit the floor and absolutely no one has looked at it or touched it since. I am seriously considering adding it to my "Connie's Uber Cute Cat Toy Collection - No Kitties Allowed!" collection..

So all in all pretty disappointing. However I do want to add the bonus of the very good customer service. This might work for you, and if it doesn't the company does stand behind their products.

Next week I will share with you just how happy their last product has made The Crew.


  1. I am looking forward to the last review, as that toy looks really cool!

  2. We only get the balls with ribbons as supervised toys for that reason, but you're right, we could just get the ribbons removed. We can't wait to see next week's review!

  3. I didn't realize the balls had ribbon. We don't allow ribbon in our house, as Tucker tries to eat it. I am hopeful they will try to improve the products. We've reviewed some of their other products and liked them, and their customer service is fabulous.

  4. Truffles is crazy about balls but didn't seem to like the ribbons as it kept the ball from rolling fast. So I clipped the ribbons off, pulled the bell out, and now she loves it LOL!

  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    What a shame. We make a mouse with a string tail.....I'm wondering if we should enclose a little something in the package suggesting that if your kitty is a chewer to cut the tail off for safety. I'm glad I read this review! Those wicker balls (without ribbon) look like they'd be fun.

  6. I would have been concerned about the ribbons too because there are TWO known ribbon chewers in the house...

  7. Great's tough to find toys that make the grade for fun and safety these days. Ribbons are a big no no in our house....and depending on the toy we have found bells a problem too. We have a few houdinis that seem to be able to pull the bells out with out destroying the toys. We have wicker balls like this on our Feline Yogi mats and they are a big hit and so far in tact!

  8. We'll be doing a review of these toys too. We didn't realize the balls have ribbons attached. Zoey definitely won't be getting those to play with since she doesn't just chew ribbon and string...she eats it.


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