Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another field trip for the kittens

Where are we going now??  

My vet sent me an email late last week announcing they were having an open house this past Saturday. In the email they mentioned they were going to have a professional photographer take photos of pets that stopped by. I thought what a great excuse to get the kittens out and get them in the hands of other people.

The more you expose kittens to when they are young, the better off they will be in the end as it builds a lot of confidence and self esteem.

These kitten things aren't staying.. right mom?? ~Jack
Photographer on the left, bounce house on the right
(oh wouldn't THAT have been fun with the kittens)
At the office
Zookie was perfectly happy being held
The Kraken was once again a huge hit, everyone loved him
Zookie kept trying to back up, and ended up backing himself up the wall
Headed home

I was hopeful that I could have gotten the photographer to take their weekly portraits, but it was outside, and there were a lot of people there so I felt uncomfortable asking him if he would do it inside - even though the vet said it would be okay to ask. I was really there to expose the kittens to more things, and despite their being very nervous, they did very well. They were giving away catnip toys, and Muffin (and eventually Eli) were thrilled!

Muffin sat on it to make sure no one would steal it
I ended up giving the kittens their vaccines after the trip, and all in all it was a very good day - especially when I got the call that I won this..

oooh, look at all the goodies!
Muffin inspects the winnings
I'll take this.. thank you very much 
an hour later Muffin was still in the house
an hour after that, some how Skippy got it.
All in all a very good day. I mentioned to my boss that the kittens could use another outing, and it looks like we are going to have another take your kitten to work day coming up soon.


  1. Great day, and that's a wonderful package of goodies ! Purrs

  2. Wow, what a great prize package! Yeah, get those kittens out as much as you can - it was certainly good for me.

  3. That's an amazing prize basket! Kittens don't need a bounce house... they're pretty bouncy on their own, aren't they?

  4. What a pawesome prize package!!! The kittens appeared to be enjoying themselves!

  5. Nice that Muffin has her own apartment now, just like Possum does when we leave one of our carriers out on the floor. He sublets it sometimes, just like Muffin.

  6. love that the kittens are getting out and about....what a great prize you won (that house looks very comfy)

  7. Anonymous9:34 AM

    What a brilliant, and very productive, day. The kittens are so lovely!

  8. How cool that you won! The kittens are just too adorbs...can I have them all?

  9. Love Zookie backing up into the wall. :) And congrats on winning the gift basket!

  10. LOL, the house bed is a hit!

  11. They are beyond cute! Love that carrier you have them in too - very neat. Glad to hear they did well. Hope to see you at BlogPaws?

  12. They are just too cute!
    Please come on by our updated post and help make a child is the final day.

    Noodle and crew

  13. Congratulations on your prize! It looks as though it was a hit with the crew. BTW, that carrier looks just like my best old carrier that my mom gave me 40 years ago. Is it new? what brand is it? where did you get it?? I would love to get another one, since it is the only kind that makes loading cats somewhat easy. Usually I can get them to walk right in. Not so with any other kind.

  14. What a fun day for the kittens! And for you too...that prize is amazing!

  15. Those kittens are so beyond cute, how could anyone resist. Congrats on winning the basket of goodies!

  16. They are just so cute, and you are doing a great job socializing them. Wow, what great kitty things you won. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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