Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gang, we have a mystery on our hands!

A while back Lisa from A Tonk's Tail posted she had bought a new duster and I mentioned that I loved it and she very generously sent me one. I charged it up, took a video of my cats reacting to it and left it out to do its work.

It comes with a pack of round cleaning cloths that attach to the bottom of it with velcro. it does a pretty good job of picking up the dust and debris.

So, momma, what's the mystery?? - Fleurp

Well, Fleurp, I'm glad you asked. See I set the duster down on the floor and left for the day and then the duster up and disappeared! I remember seeing it down by MirrorWorld..

It's no longer down here momma! - Jack

I know buddy, that is why I can't find it, it is not where I left it.

I bet you it is down here - Skippy

Is it under the couch?

It obviously never made it under the couch, it is such a slacker!
Can I have my toys back?

Momma, Skippy was right, it went down the hall - Muffin

I swear I looked under the bed three times. I'm starting to think that aliens show up and take things from our house for documenting the weird human (or maybe feline - they are aliens, they might be confused) habit of acquiring stuff. Then when you aren't paying attention they return it in a weird spot so you think you just misplaced it. I mean there are only two people living in my house, and the weirdest things go missing and then randomly show up a few weeks later.. 

Likely story mom.. you know you never really looked, don't you?


  1. MOL! I think that thing has a mind of its own. ;-)

  2. I can picture it zooming between rooms behind you as you're searching for it then finally getting tired and letting you find it.

  3. you just know it was the cats screwing with you :)

  4. Cats will ALWAYS out your secrets. It's just what they do.

  5. I am wondering if you could make fleece pads that you could wash and reuse. . . just sayin'

  6. I love this post! How inventive and clever, plus I love the photos and interaction with your kitties. I agree; cat ARE aliens, and they have 'friends' who come along invisibly to hide things on us Earthlings. You know that cats have an cloaking device, rendering them impossible to see by humans, right? Angel is really GOOD at disappearing around here...

  7. There was an episode of the 1990's (1980's?) "Outer Limits" that featured "The Blue Men" . It explains situations like yours. If you get a chance look it up! 😉
    Have a good day.

  8. Dorothy12:11 PM

    Hmmm. My broom is MIA. And there's only ME in my house (well, with 6 cats and one pupcat Aussie shepherd!). I didn't think they could have hidden it but I'm having second thoughts now .... ::Cue Twilight Zone music!::

  9. Maybe the dust bunnies ganged up on it and beat it off ?

  10. guys...hay, sum way kewl toys under de fridge; de seerch waz knot total lee in vain !!!!! ☺☺♥♥

  11. MOL! We think the cats are messing with you. :)

    (We got that duster too but the mom hasn't used it much yet.)

  12. Hmmm...that is a mystery!

    I hope you guys got your toys back! There's a silver lining for sure!

  13. We immediately thought of The Blue Men, too! We think it was the Twilight Zone, though. :-)


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