Thursday, April 15, 2004


Well, the kittens are slowly coming out of their shell. The littler female is still a little hissy.. she also has a bit of a hernia on her belly.. something very easily fixable when they spay her. Doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, so I'm not going to worry about it. The little boy is a laugh riot. He was actually starting to play the other day. They are still eating kitten mush.. kmr mixed with kitten food.. but they are eating well and using their litterbox - to the point of throwing the litter out of the cage on to my nice hardwood floors.. lol. I don't care.. it sweeps up.

Bit of disturbing news however.. two days ago little Tobin came into the clinic because he wasn't his horrible self. He was lethargic. Turned out he had a fever of 104.. went up to 105 the next day, came down to 104, but its still not good. The doctors are thinking FIP. The research I did tells me it couldn't have possibly come from my house.. especially since my own kitties have much lower titers now .. not to mention he has been out of my house since October, but I still feel horrible about it. That is two known deaths from FIP of kittens that were in my house. How many have left and haven't had anything?? wonder what the infection rate for FIP is in the "wild". (I just typed that last FIP as RIP.. freaked me right out)

They still haven't specifically determined FIP (like that is an easy thing to do - NOT!). but it is looking like that. I'm so depressed about it. He's such a good boy. There still isn't a cure, and really isn't even a treatment for it. I've continued to research and found people who are trying. I mentioned that to the doctor who is treating Toby, but she seemed very dismissive of the items they are trying. I hate that. If it is FIP, there is NO treatment.. why not try the newer suggestions.. *sigh* oh well.

g2g - I'm in a computer class at the moment and the class has caught up to me so the teacher is teaching again.. toodles

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