Monday, April 5, 2004

And the move progresses

So on Friday afternoon, we packed up the kitties and brought them to the new house. I put all the carriers in the kitchen in the AM, then after we signed, I came home and packed them up. at one point I had a choice between grabbing Muffin or Ollie. I grabbed Muffin, which was the wrong choice.. Ollie ran downstairs and hid in the basement. I was afraid I was going to have to leave him behind.. but after a few moments of ignoring him he peeked around the corner and I nabbed him.

I brought them over and put them in the back bathroom.. after we set up the bed I let them out into the bedroom they had a lot of fun exploring. they were a bit nervous.. but on the whole, not too bad. After we had all the major appliances over and a majority of the boxes, we let them out into most of the rest of the house.. they are having a blast running down the long hall. I haven't let them into the back bedrooms or downstairs yet.. and I won't until this house is cleared out... which hopefully will be in a few days - MAN we have a lot of stuff. The only problem at this point is Ollie keeps wanting to get into the garage..

So far they have been really good. We've been anal about keeping the 1 litter box clean, and we haven't had a single accident. Hopefully, we'll all be completely settled in soon.

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