Saturday, April 10, 2004


I don't remember the last time I actually had kittens. After the last two unfortunate occurrences with fosters, it just seems so long ago, but now.. I have kittens. I told Rachel at the shelter I was ready yesterday, and there weren't any to be had, and I stopped over at around 3pm this afternoon and there still were no kittens... but before I left someone stopped by and dropped three little black 6-week old kittens.. they are so adorable.. and a little scared at everything going on around them.. will need to spend some time socializing them, and getting them used to having their pictures taken.. lol

One boy, two girls.. the boy has some white on his chest and white just before his ears start, its really cute. the girls are smokey colored with some spare white strands.. they are so precious.. just hiding out in the litter box.. silly kittens.. litter is for going pee!!

I actually can't wait to get home and cuddle them.. This is what fostering is all about!

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