Wednesday, August 11, 2004

kittens for sale.. sweet sweet kittens for sale

Oh my goodness, Mia and Tubby are so sweet!! I picked up some new kittens and a mom on Monday night (five four week old kittens) and they are sneezing up a storm and had ear mites, so I moved mia and Tubby out of the room so I could bring them out of the cage to clean them up and medicate them. the kittens were NOT happy about having their ears cleaned. after I was done they all screamed like I had ripped their legs off. Goodness, four-week-old kittens are cute. and the mom is an absolute sweetheart! but painfully thin. I'm feeding her three times a day.

but back to the twosome. I put them in the bathroom while I had the kittens out so they wouldn't sneeze on them. I let the room settle after returning them to the cage, and I just opened the bathroom door and the kitten room door and told them to go back into their room, and they just trotted across the hall to their room.

they are SUCH good kitties!! I posted a notice about them at work. Hopefully, someone there will offer to adopt them. I so want them to come back to the clinic. Tuesday a very good client of ours is coming in. she recently lost one of her kitties. I'm holding out hope that she might be ready for a new one. If they aren't adopted by then, I'll bring them to the shelter. This one is going to be hard. very hard. you sure you don't want some really cute, sweet, people orientated, smart kitties?? :)

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