Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Things that make you go wow.

I brought the kittens in today. Mia seemed to have gotten to the 2.5 mark. She was two pounds seven ounces, so she was just shy of the mark, but they did her anyway. Princess Emmy and Ariel weren't thrilled in the least to be there. They kept hissing at everyone. Surprisingly they had fleas too. No idea where they came from, as I have been trying to keep an eye out for it. Guess I figured since I didn't see them after the first few weeks, then I was safe. oh well. The kits don't have ear mites they have yeast.. which would explain why mom's ears were fine.

The oddity of the afternoon though was Mia. She had cystic ovaries. They were enlarged to the size of a grape. They are normally the size of a tiny baby pea. I'm assuming this would explain why she wasn't eating as much, as they were probably pressing into her tummy. She should start gaining weight now :D. Dr. said there isn't anything to worry about, now that they are removed, but if she hadn't been turned into the shelter and spayed so young, there is a chance they might have ruptured and been a very bad thing. (we spay for the shelter at 2.5 lbs - about 2- 3 months. Most spays are done between 4-6 months)

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