Sunday, August 22, 2004

And now there are 14

Whitney, Mia's mom, is back in the fold because she came down with a cold. Tubby is currently trying to catch the cursor on my screen, so this will be a difficult post to create :D

Anyway. Mia and Tubby are still here.777777777777+ (really.. see). They will be going soon. I will miss them terribly, but Muffin will be uber glad to see them go. She is beyond jealous of them. She'll often sit between me and them and hiss at them. I have forgotten the havoc that the pitter patter of little feet can create. My five all have fairly good manners now.. unlike these two. the other night they were playing at 3 AM and knocked over the baby gate, creating a ruckus. But oh they are so cute doing it. Tubby is now just sitting next to my monitor purring away.

I went to feed them yesterday. Since they are still kittens they need kitten food - and I didn't want them bugging Muffin by eating with her, so I went into the bathroom to feed them wet food. All five of mine were sitting by the door asking for theirs. lol.

The new five are doing rather well. The little girl's eye is much better. The runt is getting the hang of feeding himself. They are going through quite a bit of food and thus quite a bit of litter. I think I've reached my limit on names, though, cause they are STILL nameless. I feel bad. I'm pretty sure I have two girls, three boys and of course the mom.

speaking of which.. I really need to get in there and feed them.

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