Sunday, November 7, 2004

Poor Eli

Eli is currently having some major hallucinations. My boss called me at around 10 and met me at work. I gathered up Eli from the bathroom I had put him in to see if he would pee and found a few drops of urine with blood in it. Dr. A said he was blocked. We put him to sleep using stamina valium and got a catheter in him. It was hard as he was blocked well. We finally got it in, and streams of red urine came out. Poor thing must have been so uncomfortable. They tape up the end of the catheter and then suture it in his scrotum. Which was not fun, cause he was waking up at the time. We put an e-collar on him, and left him with his IV catheter and his urinary one, and he is at the clinic for a while.

Worst part for me was when I became faint. I don't know why. All of a sudden the world got very bright, and there was a large snowflake looking thingy in my vision. I have a feeling I had a reaction the ketamine as I didn't feel majorly stressed out at the time. I knew Eli was in trouble, but I knew that it was solvable and he would be fine.

So now I have to figure out how to deal with the crystals. The recommended course of treatment is to put him on urinary food which increased the PH of his urine. The dr yesterday who tested his urine said it was already acidic. The food he is on has cranberries in it, so I'm not quite sure what the switch will do. One issue around the house though has been the lack of fresh water. I have tried and tried, but with six cats it takes two of us to make sure there is always fresh water down. The hubby wouldn't listen to me before, and it would often run out. When I would fill it, there would be a line of cats waiting to get water. Hopefully, this will spur him to be better on that end.


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