Friday, November 12, 2004


Eli came home yesterday. He originally pulled out his catheter with his Ecollar on, so they put a second one on over the first. He also had chewed out his IV, so they put vet wrap all up his arm. Very attractive! he was quite grumpy to the girls, hissing at them, so they asked that I pill him. He continued to eat the whole time, but his urine was quite bloody. Wednesday night someone took his Ecollar off him and so he pulled out his catheter again, but they were going to take it out anyway and see if he could pee on his own. He eventually did so he came home. He is on special food which he loved at the clinic but doesn't seem too thrilled with now. I think it is because he's paranoid that we put something in it. We have to separate the cats out at dinner time, so everyone else gets locked downstairs with their food and Eli has the run of the upstairs. He hasn't eaten well, but again, I think it is because he is paranoid. I am hoping tonight he will.

After I got home Sunday night, the shelter called me about an abandoned kitten. It was left outside with two others, and unfortunately, the other two died. She was flea ridden and totally emaciated. I think she's a week older than my other kittens - because of her teeth, but she is actually smaller than them. She took a while to figure out how to eat, but once she did, she ate with a vengance. Which also spurred her to finally start having bowel movements. She hits the litterbox about half the time. Because of the fleas, I kept her separated out.. and I had her living in my bathroom in a laundry basket. Once she figured out how to get out of that, I put her in my bath tub. It is so cute!

Unfortunately I'm going to hand her over to another foster mom. I love her to pieces, but having two rooms of kittens going is a lot of work, and we are becoming WAY too attached to her, and we can NOT have seven cats.. really :D

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