Thursday, November 4, 2004

who peed in my bed!?!

After blogging last night, I immediately went to bed. There was a huge urine mark in my bed. SOMEONE peed in my bed right where my head goes. This is the third instance of improper urination. The first was while I was on vacation. I assumed that was Muffin since it was on my chair. The second was in a laundry basket last week. We assumed that was a territorial thing since it was kitten laundry. Now this. I don't know if I have a physical problem here, or if it is just Muffin being annoyed that Tweedle is here and is telling me so.

One more instance, and we are going to start trekking kitties into the clinic for check-ups.

(update 2016 - I find reading these posts so interesting, because I completely forgot about the incident with Eli licking his genitals when Ollie was so sick with constipation. If I had just remembered that, this all would have made so much more sense.  It kinda hurts me now to know he lived like that for almost two months before we figured it out)

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