Tuesday, January 4, 2005

attack of the kittens

The kitten room is on the other side of the wall I'm sitting near. I can hear them being obnoxious. If I wasn't working this weekend, I'd bring them in to be neutered this week, but I want to be there for their adoptions, so I'm going to do it next week... but this means I have to put up with another week of obnoxious kittens!! People always say to me - when they learn I foster - how can you give them back?? Well.. this is how. They are making a pigsty of the room, they are in EVERYTHING, and when I go in there, I have kittens biting on my ankles trying to "take me down". Not that I don't love them and it, but it is the last week or two that is always the most trying. Think a room full of toddlers on a sugar high on Christmas eve for two weeks.

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