Saturday, January 15, 2005

The kittens are still grumpy

Well, I called the shelter the other day to get an update on the kits. I was told I would get a callback, but I didn't get one, so I stopped in today to see them.

 Reagor and Stephanie had gone home. I hope they are okay. Mona, Cheryl, and Dana were still there. They had separated them into different cages. I actually screwed up in the names, and they had labeled Dana as Mona. Apparently it was Mona who ended up with a hernia. Dana was the most laid back of the three, just laying in her cage as if to say, come on.. let me out so I can go home. Cheryl just screamed for attention. Mona was an absolute MESS! she had climbed up her cage front repeatedly, and fallen in the water bowl, and had got soaking wet, then went and got in the litter box, then climbed up the front of the cage again. There was litter mud EVERYWHERE!

 Up the side of the cage, all over the cage bars, the bedding, the water bowl, the food bowl, all the toys, and especially her. She looked like a small child who was out making mud puddles. Each one was so happy for the attention, and licked my fingers and played with me, but the second they saw one another, it was hissy time again. I still don't know what happened. I feel horrible cause they can't put them out for adoption because they don't have enough cages out front to give them all their own. I can't help but wonder if some rescue remedy might not help. I wish I could take them home and make them all better, but coming here isn't going to help them, so I just have to leave them in the capable hands of the staff, and accept the outcome.

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