Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Good bye good friends (at work)

The kittens were neutered yesterday. They did NOT deal well with it at all. All night they were up screaming and growling at one another. I brought them into "work" and had them looked over. They gave them some more pain drugs.

 I was then fired, so I took the kittens over to the shelter.

There was a big todo over something that seemed innocent enough at the time. My boss, however, is all about appearances, so I got axed. Don't really want to get into it all, as I really just want to get over it all, and enjoy my time home with the "kids". I could spout venom, and it would all be true, but what is the point, really? He'll get his in the end.. cause I truely believe you reap what you sow. My only sadness in this is not being able to hang out daily with my co-workers. For the most part, they were very nice.

Mr P and Mr. T couldn't afford to adopt Reagor and Stephanie this week. I was going to keep them and work with them to get them to them next week (how many times can I write them in a statement???) but since I'm not at the clinic anymore, I fronted them a loan by paying their adoption fees. They should be going home tonight or tomorrow. I'm glad. I don't doubt for a minute they'll pay me back. and even if they don't, I don't really care. I know they are good pet owners and are in a good home.

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