Monday, May 16, 2005

One name down

I found a name at work yesterday that I really like, Zhannah. It belonged to an Italian woman. But, of course, I have no idea who is going to get it. I am convinced that there is something wrong with the little black and white kitten.. I was sorting through my stack of "Cat Nip" a paper newsletter I ordered, and there was an article about a cat who had a problem with an undeveloped brain. The cat could function, just had horrible coordination. The owner named the cat Bobbles. The other kittens are wobbly, but don't fall over and aren't nearly as uncoordinated as she is. I keep telling her to slow down, cause as long as she walks slowly she is fine... it is when she speeds up there is a problem.. but she has no patience. She wants to get where she is going now.. which of course leads to her falling over and taking even more time, but since she really isn't going anywhere at all, it seems pretty silly. They haven't even figured their way out of the cage at this point, which is perfectly fine with me... although I am considering putting "bumpers" up on the cage like they do for baby cribs, but while that would protect her from banging her head on the bars, it might possibly suffocate her if she worms her way under it.

On the home front, I really have to learn to not give into my Muffin. She is spoiled rotten. Very pushy and demanding, but so utterly uberly cute when she does it that it is hard not to. Last night I woke up and she had commandeered my pillows. She is SUCH a princess!

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