Thursday, May 12, 2005

Twee's obsession

Well, its official, my Twee is messed up in the head.

 I suspected this obsession for a while now, but I just found evidence of it this morning. Twee likes to chew strings in half. I first noticed it on a sweater that had the loops to help keep it hung up on a hanger. Then the hubby noticed his sneakers had laces that were 90% chewed through. I just found two shoe laces on the floor completely detached, like two little white worms in front of the shoe rack. *sigh* Oh well. guess this means all the shoes need to be kept out of her line of sight.

The kittens went on a little journey yesterday. I took them all up to work so the girls could see them. They were a big hit. One woman acted as if she knew EVERYTHING about cats and kittens and was saying how it was best to hold them by the scruff. Not true. She kept holding them only by the scruff, and it kept freaking me out, so I kept reaching over to support their butts. Watching mother cats carry their young around, they actually very rarely do it by the scruff. And they only carry for short distances. its better to give full support and only scruff when you need to for exams or baths.

Em is still doing well. I tossed my new bra on the bed, the one I actually shelled out real money for, and which I totally love, and she "pounced" on it. Her version of pouncing is to tag it with her foot. I picked it up and she swatted at it, and pulled it toward her mouth to bite. I played with her with it for a few moments, then remembered we had an actual cat toy in the bedroom, and went and got it. She wasn't interested, but my bra was a big hit. :)

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