Sunday, May 1, 2005


Oh, what cute things they are. Actually, they are just squirming balls of fur that scream when you pick them up at this point. The eldest boy is huge, well, they are all huge, but he is ginormous. I swear you can see his testicles already... in fact, I swear you could have seen them on day three. That was when his cord fell off. The last girl's did too. (the black and white one) The two tigers still have theirs. It's only day eight, but since they are so big I keep expecting their eyes to open any minute now.

Mom is taking exceptionally good care of them. She was off her food the day after giving birth. She ate that night, but then didn't, and Wednesday I found blood in the box, so I brought her in to the vet who said she had a bit of a temperature, but that in general she was fine. I force fed her a bit on Wednesday and Thursday, then she went about eating on her own. She is totally not into wet food, which is too bad cause it is so much better for her, but alas, what can I do. She's eating a ton of dry.

I'd post pictures, but I misplaced my digital. I took a few during birth and a few the day after. so you'll get some eventually.

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