Friday, June 3, 2005

kitten update

oh they are so cute. sadly they are too fast too. For example, yesterday i went into the room and Kau was sleeping in the dry food bowl, but the second he saw me he got up and ran toward me. Cloud was sleeping on the couch but also on the pillow, so he was practically upside down, but again moved by the time I even thought of getting a picture. Scarlett and Zhannah - who I'm changing the name for now to gizmo, are both very affectionate. Scarlett in an "I'm a princess, adore me!" kind of way, and Giz in an "I like it when you pat me so I'm going to walk all over you" kind of way. Giz still obviously has issues. It's not IMMEDIATELY apparent, but it is pretty quick. I suppose if you weren't used to what kittens do, you might just think it was young kitten uncoordinated, but I know better.

Cloud finally started eating the other day. I once again put food in his mouth and he tried to spit it out, I put it back, and out it came, but by the third try, he figured out it was supposed to go the other way and he liked it.

on an off note, Kau is starting to remind me of a previous foster I had named Domino. it's cute.

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