Sunday, June 12, 2005

oh the guilt trips cats can lay

It's amazing.. it really is. Last night we were out late, so the kids didn't get their dinner till almost 11. Eli and Jack get fed wet food upstairs - because of their previous history with crystals, and the rest go downstairs to get dry. Well, Eli dug right in, and Jack sniffed and walked away. He then proceeded to do what looked like a pee pee dance, or for more official terminology, he looked like he was trying to spray. I felt his bladder, it didn't seem that big, but he was dribbling a bit, and looking very uncomfortable, so we took him to the new local emergency clinic. Almost 400 dollars later, he's here with a catheter in him being very pathetic. I set up a cage for him because the catheter is causing him to leak urine uncontrollably, which is a good thing for him, but not so good for wandering the house. He also has an E-collar on, which makes him act very pathetic. I took the collar off him for a while and went and cuddled him in another room with a towel, but he didn't want to sit there, he wanted to go conquer his domain. I feel bad, but I'd rather he be here than spend the day at the emergency hospital.

As for the guilt trip, last night when we called the vet, Jack gave a startled expression when we mentioned the vet clinic. Yes.. We are probably projecting. Then once we got there, he cowered in my arms making me not want to leave him. Which was his plan all along, but since I AM the human, I knew better and did. After the tech took him away, he started crying out, but when I didn't come to his rescue, he hushed, and the tech said he settled in great out back and was purring away.

We picked him up this morning, brought him home. I took off his collar and he ate some. I then left him alone for a bit while I caught up on some sleep. Then the cuddling, which of course caused me to notice that the urine coming out was now pink not clear as it had been. I can't help but wonder if all his moving around caused the catheter to irritate something so now he's bleeding. So I'm going to leave him alone in his party hat in his sad little cage till dinner time. It's amazing how docile he is in that hat.

As for the fosters, they are doing really well. I dewormed them. I think there might be a different parasite involved than what nemex will kill, cause their bellies are still very round, and their bones still are very evident. I'm going to try to catch some fresh kitten poop next time I'm in to get analyzed. They are really very cute and friendly. Their thing is to crawl into the couch. The couch is a base, with two pillows to sit on, then three for the back. The back ones are movable, and the base pillows don't stay tight to the back, so it creates caverns. They love to sleep in that. They are still VERY messy but are looking very good. Gig's is doing well too. Still a bit of a wobble, but she is climbing the scratching post thing, and being a terror.

I smell like urine. I need to do some gardening, so I'll probably just head outside, and hope no one just drops by.

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