Thursday, June 23, 2005

a round of updates

Jack is doing well. I, however, am a bad mom, and keep forgetting to give him his antibiotics. I think I have a new system down where I pull out the pill the night before and put it on the counter. I'll see it there and know I have to give it to him. I've been trying to monitor his urine output, which is very hard, cause it requires that I separate him out. Not a very nice thing to do in the cat world. He seems to be going very frequently. In an 8 hour period the other night he went three times. Each time wasn't that much, but in all I'm satisfied. Hopefully, the next time I do it, it won't be so frequent and he'll have a big output like the rest of my kitties.

Emmy is also having her issues. I tried to do a bg on her the other day. Her AM sugar was 299, three hours later it was 319. It is supposed to go down not up. But her glucometer was wonky, so that might have been it. I went out for new batteries and test solution, and ended up with a whole new meter, since this one tests with WAY less blood. Em doesn't like to bleed so I think it worked out for the best. oh wait.. I wanted to do a bg on her today with the new meter. Guess I'll have to open up the package right quick. She also started limping Monday. No idea why. None of her joints seemed painful. Nothing was swollen or out of place. I started making sure I did her cosequin more regularly (see Jack's meds) and that seems to have helped. You know, some days (some days? who do I think I'm kidding. read every day) I just want to be a stay at home furkid mom.

The kits are doing well. Kau is a toe biter. I went in with socks.. he chewed. I covered my socked feet with towels, he climbed under them and found my toes. I gave him hubby's toes, he came back to mine. Obsessive little boy. Scarlett seems to have a crooked front leg. Doesn't stop her at all, but it does look a little off. I'll make note of that when they go in for neutering. Kau is two pounds, the rest are about five ounces behind him. Gizmo eats like Tweedle used to. Starting before anyone else can get their nose in, and finishing LONG after everyone else, then wandering off then coming back for more. She ends up with a belly bigger than her head.

well the sun is coming up (yes, at 5 am) and I'm up, so the kids think it's breakfast time. they soo should know better, and they should know I won't give into the guilt! (really.. I won't)

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