Friday, August 12, 2005

trip to the vet

um.. yup. I broke down and brought the little gray one to the vet. We called her Caroline (from Sweet Caroline) cause she is SO freaking sweet and loving. It always scares me when a kitten gives me too much affection, it usually means they aren't feeling well at all.

Well last night I went down to clean her ear, and found blood in it. So off she went this morning. I have NO idea what they did to her cause I didn't get to pick her up. I know they sedated her, cause she's coming out of it, and tripping pretty badly. The eye on that side seems angry and the third eyelid is showing. Hubby who picked her up was told that was normal, and would happen for several months. I also have otomax to put in it. No idea how often... I'm assuming BID, cause that is what we did when ever we gave out otomax when I worked there. (bid - twice a day) I have a call in to a friend who works there to find out the skinny - also cause her ear is bleeding still. Hope she doesn't have to go back.

I'm a little grumpy. I think I have a fever.. at least I feel like I do -- all warm and my eyes hurt. Id go cuddle with Caroline, but I think she sees me as a big ogre at the moment, so I think I'll let her come down for a while.

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