Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Twee is doing very well on the clavamox. The ping pong to golf ball size swelling is now down to about a grape. She is back to cuddling and what not. I think she is starting to see the benefits of getting pills over liquid, but I have liquid now and no more pills... Hum.. what to do. I suppose I could exchange them... but that would mean she wouldn't get a dose tonight. so I guess liquid it is.

Caroline is doing a lot better ear wise. Her inner eyelid (the horners syndrome thingie) has all but returned to where it should be. However, she has so much phlegm coming out of her nose that she is only eating a few bites. I forced her all day yesterday and this morning to eat.. but I was getting vomit.  She didn't vomit today, though, and she was looking like she was going to eat, but just ate a few bites. I have put her back on antibiotics and did a bunch of net research till I found the information I needed. I know there are antihistamines and decongestants you can use on cats. I knew the histamine one, but that really isn't her problem, it is the congestion.. so I found the dose, and I brought her some down and was with her for 45 minutes.. seems that it is working.... as she was breathing easier... Ok, maybe it was my imagination / wishful thinking.. but she still didn't eat much.

They are all skin and bones for the most part. I'm pretty lost as to what to do. I dewormed them last Thursday, and I'll do it again tomorrow probably.. I should have their stool tested, but it had been so pale that I was afraid they would tell me something major was wrong with them and that they would have to be put down. So I hid it.. but they were eating then. Now, not so much, but the stool is darker and better formed. but then again, they are all wheezing I so hate URI. Just when you think you have it beat, it comes back with a vengeance. However, I have to admit she doesn't smell as foul as she used to. She likes to head but me, and she used to smell of sickness and phlegm.

On a mostly completely unrelated topic - sorta - I so have to get me one of these..

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