Sunday, August 7, 2005

Just the girls now

Well, he is gone. Harry passed away today. I'm not really sure of the time, as I refused to talk to them. While I knew there was little chance of his recovery, I'm pretty darn sure they didn't even really try. I can only hope the girls at the clinic were kind to him or that he was completely unaware of his final hours. He seemed very unaware the last time I saw him.

The worst part of this is I keep calling him Kodi. (after the one I lost for those of you new to this blog) Thinking in my mind of all the things I could have done, or should have done (and surprisingly one was that it was a good thing I didn't go down earlier cause he was probably fine then, and he would have sat there in misery all night) but thinking the things that I think, for a long time it's been ko-harry.. I also realized I haven't lost a kitten since him. Okay yes, there were two litters that were aborted, and one of a set that I took overnight - but those were both expected to die, and I got one through the night.

This one is hard.

Fortunately, the girls have been up to the task. they have been making me laugh left and right. The little black smoke kitten I've named Ginny (for Ginny and harry from Harry Potter) has had very white stools, so I'm quite concerned, but she is a little devil at heart.. sneaking up to me in the cute "I want attention and to cuddle with you" kind of way, and then she licks you all lovingly and then starts to try to consume you. seriously. she thinks noses ears and lips were made for eating.

The gray one is just as awesome as you can hope a cat to be. She hates having her ear cleaned, but the most she'll do is put her paw gently in front of it. I feel bad, but I know she's happier with a clean ear, so I keep doing it. The shelter switched her from baytril to clavamox for the infection, but I think it has gotten worse. She's going to need a trip to the vet. If it is still worse on Wednesday - my day off - I think I'll try to take her.

The gray tiger with the blue eye is the smarmiest kitten ever.. and this is including Muffin. her new thing is to play with a ball that is in one of those round tracks. She is DETERMINED.. although to do what I'm not sure. she jumps and pounces and is having a ball. I want to call her sweet pea, but I'm not sure that is a suitable name for her. She and the gray one were in a boxing match this morning.. standing up on their back legs flailing at one another.. I wish I had a picture.

I just wish I had a better picture of ko-harry.

In Memory

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