Sunday, June 18, 2006

not good

The kittens are doing much better socially. Only getting hissed at when I do something really odd now.

However, the girl twin is not doing well at all. They all have loose stools, and I've been concerned about that enough to start them on albon. Most have responded nicely - although their stools are still a little loose.. but the girl twin is still very grumpy, sleeping way too much, and not all that interested in food. She ate a little chicken baby food but mostly ignored it on my finger. Everyone else is playing and being obnoxious, she's just sleeping on the top level out of the mayhem... oh wait.. it looks like she might be interested... hum..

Still think I'm going to KMR her tomorrow.. and take a stool sample in to the shelter to make sure there isn't anything else going on parasite-wise.. Maybe she just needs a little extra iron..

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