Wednesday, June 28, 2006

more on OT and then back to the kittens

Ok, I suppose I was ranting yesterday, so most of that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

I can't imagine that anyone I was referring to reads this blog, so if you were wondering then the answer is NO! (unless you are one of those friends with a busy life then yes... but in a good way :D)

So anyway.. ignore the outburst. I guess I'm just sick of people on boards feeling that either no one can have an opinion, or that everyone has to have the group opinion (then what is the point of getting together to discuss things??) There are a few places that are pretty open about the whole thing, and I have learned so much from them.

Moving on. The kittens are OBNOXIOUS!! I have names for the twins, Sebastian and Samantha. So that leaves the dark tiger boy, and the two black and white females, the runt with short hair and the beefy long haired one. I was thinking how much piss and vinegar the little one has (short haired b&w) She is one determined little kitten. She's cute but full of it. So I was thinking of naming her PV.. or maybe Peevee.. pevey? peavey? Not a very girly name, though.

Sebastian has taken to rubbing himself around my ankles. He cries and cries. So I pick him up, and he cries and cries, so I put him down in front of food, and he cries and cries. That boy has no idea what he wants, but he wants to be with me when he is doing it. When I try to leave the room I have a trail of kitties following me now, with Sebastian right there at my feet. He got out of the kitten room and was so proud of himself till he saw Jack walking down the hall. He stopped in his tracks as if to say "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!" even though he's seen Jack before. Samantha has taken a turn for the antisocial. She's the teen in the black clothing with the spiky hair and the piercings that wants nothing to do with people (cause there are teens like that that do like people). I tried to put her back in the cage this morning, and she hissed and gave me the meanest look.. Guess I'll have to carry her around for a while.

Oh yes, one more personal thing. I have to take a road trip tomorrow. Somehow I agreed to go pick up my boss from Logan airport. It's about a 2 hour drive. I met him once (okay technically 3 times) then he promptly left for Europe. He rescued another dog while there, so now he needs some help getting home. arrrgh. I do not travel well, I travel worse in big cities, and what on earth am I supposed to talk about for the two hours!! *sigh* I guess the oddest part is the dog he rescued is a hunting dog, so he wanted me to find birds for him to train with. That just didn't sit well with me. But being honest with myself, I eat meat, and I feed it to my cats... so how much further different is that? (well, the horrible end as you are seeing a dog come running at you? But I'm sure it is short) He did ask me if I had a problem with it, and I said I was uncomfortable, and he tried to justify it - with the whole eating meat thing. You know what, when I think about that I'm uncomfortable with that too. But not so much as to not do it. (what a horribly worded sentence) I just hope they don't make me resign my membership from the animal welfare societies I belong to :)

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