Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Jack vs the Bladder

So the other night I was half asleep trying to convince my bladder that it wasn't full, and I could go back to sleep and not get out of bed when along comes Jack.. He was in the "OH Mommy, I LOVE YOU" mode. rolling around, snuggling in, acting uber cute.. shoving his face up against mine, pushing into me, in other words, there was no way on earth I was going to get up, he was just TOO CUTE.. but of course my bladder had its own opinion on the matter.. Fortunately Jack gave up before my bladder did.. and I didn't have to throw him off.

But what is it with cats and full bladders anyway?? Em used to be the QUEEN of finding a full bladder with her tiny feet. I swear they know how uncomfortable you are and just want to see which is more important.. your comfort or theirs.

I also had a nice bonding moment with Bri (the rabbit). I have been feeling like a bad bunny mum since I couldn't find ANYTHING (besides food) that she liked. Well she's molting now.. and she HATES it when I try to help her, so I went in search of unused cat brushes, and found one she likes. She came hopping up to me tonight to be brushed :)

The rain is driving the cats nuts again. (wait.. how can I tell.. they are usually nuts!?!?) I have no idea why this is.. they don't go out.. so why on earth do they care?? ***20 minutes later*** it wasn't the rain.. it was the bag of treats I brought home.. they found it, and chewed it open. I just went into the kitchen to find four of them sitting in the chairs around the counter, and a fifth one up on the counter fighting his way into the bag..

Em is doing very well. She has NO idea how much stress she puts me through. She just goes about her day being her same ol self, vomiting when ever she pleases, peeing on the floor.. has no distress about it at all. Me on the other hand.. that is a completely different story. I think I'm stressing for the both of us. I need to relax. She gave me a nice surprise the other day.. she found her way up on to one of the cat trees. Yup.. I said UP.. first level only, and it was kinda sorta in line with the arm of the couch, but she's not done that before.. so she is expanding her horizons.. :)

I had an idea what to do with her "when the time comes" Before I worked at the vet clinic, I was fine with letting them deal with the bodies.. but now that I have a better idea of what goes on, I just couldn't stomach that. Which is silly.. since a private and a public cremation are exactly the same, just that one you get the ashes back. I know I have the option of burying her myself, but I don't see us living in this house forever (although my husband does) and would hate the idea of moving and leaving her here. I don't want her cremated and having the ashes in the house.. so I was kind of torn as to what to do. I came up with the idea of making a memorial stone with her ashes. Not an urn, or a decoration.. but a stone of some sort.. This way I can put that out by my favorite tree, and no one but me (and those close to me) will know what it is, and I won't be faced with all sorts of awkward questions. They do make cat shaped urns for just such a thing, but could you imagine.. I'd end up with a cat army out there after a while. Hopefully when the time comes I can find someone to help me, cause I just can't see me doing this myself.

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