Thursday, June 22, 2006


I took a stool sample to the shelter on Sunday. They were LOADED with roundworm, so they have been on meds for that. Most are doing better. The girl twin is still not 100% but is doing much better.

I have all of them purring now. They are still a little more skittish and wary than non-feral kittens would be at this point, but they have made HUGE strides. The boy twin SCREAMS to be held and patted..

I've noticed that they aren't 100% in using the litter box (understandable seeing how uncomfortable they must be) so at this point, there is nothing in their cage but a small piece of bedding. I feel horrible about it, but if I give them anything bigger they are just going to throw it in the litter box and poop on it. In a couple of days, I'm sure I can fix that... but right now they are all piled up on the small bed. Talk about your kitten pile :)

and on a side note; Happy Birthday to me :)

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